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Tested Positive For COVID-19?


We want to be there for you. We understand that right now can be a scary time and that we don’t have all the answers yet. Research is happening, but it feels like things are always changing. One thing that doesn’t change though is the foundation to supporting our immune system through diet + lifestyle.


We want to empower you with what your diet should look like right now, help answer your questions about supplements, and help you learn about other ways to get your body rested + supported.


Nutrition is our jam. It’s one of the things that we’re pumped to wake up everyday and teach people on. We look at you as an individual and not like anyone else. You are beautifully unique. Even though we may be diagnosed with the same virus, we still need to make sure we’re being cared for on an individual basis. No one size fits all.


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Do I need labs?

We will need to see your lab test results that show you are positive for COVID-19.

Do you work with kids?

We sure do! We’d be happy to see your kiddo in our practice! 🙂 Nutrition starts in the home!

What if we have multiple people in a family tested positive?

Come one, come all! Even if you’ve tested positive and your family hasn’t, these nutrition tips will benefit everyone in your family to support their immune system if they are caring for you!

Should I ignore social distancing and CDC recommendations?

Absolutely not! Keep following CDC guidelines on staying home, social distancing, wearing masks, hand washing, and all of those guidelines! They are essential in making sure that we “flatten the curve”.

Is This Session Really FREE?!

YES! Totally no strings attached. We’re going to be focusing on what you should be doing right now to make sure your body is supported using diet and lifestyle!

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